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20190 Gwangan Beach Halloween Pub Crawl

< 2019 광안 할로윈 펍 크롤! 🎃 >

Gwangan Beach Halloween Pub Crawl

광안리에서 연중 최고로 재미있는 날 중 하나인 할로윈!

이를 제대로 즐겨보고 싶으시다면?

10월 26일 토요일,

5개의 펍 크롤과 함께 하세요!

참여 방법은 아래 내용을 참고해주세요.

✔️펍 크롤 티켓

: 25,000원 (5개 음료 포함)

각 펍에서 1잔씩 제공하며, 티켓은 5곳에서 현장 구매 가능합니다.

펍 : Wild Wave Gwangan, HQ Gwangan,

LA Bar & Grill, Eva 's Gwangan, Latin Party Bar & Grill 

(펍크롤 시간 : 와일드웨이브 6:00 PM to 3:00 AM)

✔️광안 할로윈 코스튬 콘테스트

1) 펍마다 준비된 포토존에서 할로윈 복장을 한 본인의 사진을 #2019GwanganHalloweenPubCrawl 해시태그와 함께 업로드해주세요. 최종 1인에게는 25만원 상당의 상품을 드립니다! (~10.31까지 업로드. 당첨자 개별 연락)

2) 그리고, 아래 5개 카테고리 별 1등에게는 각 펍에서 5만원 상당의 상품을 별도로 드립니다.

<심사 리스트>

1.Scariest Costume

2.Funniest Costume

3.Sexiest Costume

4.Most Creative Costume (와일드웨이브 심사)

5.Best Couple/Group Costume

👉🏻 당일 펍크롤에 참여하지 않으시는 분들은 주목!

: 와일드웨이브 포토존에서 사진을 찍고 #와일드웨이브광안 #2019와웨할로윈 해시태그와 함께 SNS에 업로드 해주시면, 1분을 선정하여 3만원 상당의 상품권을 드립니다. (~10.31까지. 당첨자 11.1 개별 발표)

모두 편하게 오셔서 할로윈을 즐겨보세요.


One of the best days of the year in this fine city is upon us, and the bars of Gwangan Beach are ready to scare the bejeezus out of you with the biggest and best pub crawl in the city! That's right—it's time for the 2019 Gwangan Halloween Pub Crawl!

The participating bars are LA Bar & Grill, Eva's Gwangan, HQ Gwangan, Wild Wave Gwangan, and Latin Party Bar & Grill. Each bar will have its own individual events and specials, which you can check out below. But here's what's going on everywhere:


Starting October 16th, you can buy your Pub Crawl Drink Ticket. For 25,000 won, you get a ticket that includes instructions for entering the costume contest, a map to all of the locations on the beach, and ONE FREE DRINK AT EACH BAR! That's a great value and a great way to get you started on your post-Halloween Pub Crawl hangover. Tickets are available at any of the participating bars; if you want to buy them the day of the event, that’s fine.


Entering is easy! Take a photo of your beautiful self at any of the participating bars—there will be a photo zone at each location—and then upload the photo to Instagram with the following hashtag: #2019GwanganHalloweenPubCrawl. Feel free to use props or do whatever ridiculous nonsense you want to. Each of the bars will have a vote on who wins.

Plus there will be bottle set prizes for the following special costumes:

1.Scariest Costume

2.Funniest Costume

3.Sexiest Costume

4.Most Creative Costume

5.Best Couple/Group Costume

There are specials and events happening at each bar that will be announced soon:

LA BAR & GRILL (Open from 8:30 PM - 2:00 AM due to Private Wedding Party Prior from 5-8)

EVA'S (Open from 6:00 PM to 4:00 AM )

HQ GWANGAN (Open from 5:00 PM to 4:00 AM )

WILD WAVE GWANGAN (Open from 6:00 PM to 3:00 AM )

LATIN PARTY BAR & GRILL (Open from5:00 PM to 6:00 AM)

So get your costumes and livers ready, and prepare to completely take over the Gwangan strip on Saturday, October 26th!!!

👉🏻 Plus take a photo at Wild Wave Photo zone and then Upload the photo onto Instagram with the following hashtag:#wildwavegwangan #2019wildwavehalloween. We’re giving away “30,000won Wild Wave Voucher” to 1 winner. (~10.31)

#와일드웨이브 #광안리 #할로윈펍크롤

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