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< 와일드웨이브의 싱글핀 IPA >

저희는 바다 가까이 있는 만큼 그곳에서 많은 영감을 얻기도 하는데요. 이번에 새롭게 출시된 IPA는 클래식한 문화를 현대적으로 표현하고자한 "싱글핀 IPA"입니다. ⠀ 서핑에서 싱글핀은 클래식 문화를 상징하기도 합니다. 싱글핀 IPA는 기존의 West Coast IPA의 클래식함을 담되 카라멜의 단맛을 좀 더 낮추어 접근하였고 거기에 자몽, 열대과일 홉향을 살려 만든 맥주입니다. ⠀ 계절에 구애받지 않고, 많은 사람들에게 다가가길 바라며! 싱글핀 IPA는 12/31(화)부터 와웨 전지점에서 온탭됩니다. ⠀ ⠀ [싱글핀 IPASingle Fin IPA] Style : West Coast IPA ABV 7.0 %IBU 43 ⠀ ⠀ As it is with our brand name, Wild Wave is always greatly inspired by our gift of nature, the sea. Therefore, we are excited to introduce our newly crafted beer ‘Single Fin IPA’. ⠀ Within surfing, single fin is a symbol of the classical surfing culture and so we wanted to embed this classicality to our West Coast IPA by remaining its subtle caramel sweetness and bringing out its grapefruit, tropical hop aromas. ⠀ Wild Wave hopes our ‘Single Fin IPA’ alongside great happiness will surf its way out to you all in the new year of 2020! ⠀ Happy New Year! On tap at both Wild Wave Songjeong Brewpub and Gwangan Pub from 31st/Dec!

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